Light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) involves illuminating only a thin slice of the sample perpendicular to the axis of the detection system, thus limiting the effects of photobleaching and phototoxicity to the observation plane. To date, there are a multitude of LSFM systems available with designs adapted to the nature and size of the sample. There are also a multitude of sample preparation protocols to optimise the detection of fluorescent markers in organisms, organs, organoids, 2D or 3D cell assemblies. Furthermore, for the successful development of multimodal approaches in LSFM, it is crucial to consider the entire workflow from sample preparation to transfer, acquisition, processing and analysis of the generated data sets. In this context, PRIMACEN proposes a workshop to illustrate the diversity of approaches.

Speakers: Christophe Chamot, Delphine Burel, Christian Feuillet (Miltenyi Biotech)

Maximum number of participants: 10 personnes

Venue: PRIMACEN (Mont-Saint-Aignan)


Monday 3/07

  • 14h00-17h00