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19th Meeting of the French Microscopy Society
Toulouse - From 30 June to 4 July 2025

Welcome to the Conference of the French society of Microscopies 2025 in Toulouse

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to the next conference of the French society of Microscopies (Sfµ), which will be held at the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse from 30 June to 4 July 2025. This event is a key meeting place for the microscopy community in France, the French-speaking world and beyond. The conference will bring together researchers and professionals in the field to share their discoveries, innovations and technological advances.

Toulouse, a city with a rich scientific and cultural heritage, offers an ideal setting for our conference. We are preparing a balanced conference programme that will cover all types of microscopy, with sessions dedicated to Life Sciences and Materials Sciences, as well as joint sessions to encourage interdisciplinary exchanges. These sessions will begin with lectures given by scientists who are pioneers or recognised in their field, followed by oral presentations given by researchers who have responded to the call for papers. Dusted-off poster sessions, organized along thematic lines, will enrich the programme.

One of the highlights of the conference will be the presence of numerous industrial exhibitors (at least twenty are expected), who will be presenting their latest technologies, developments, equipment and advances throughout the event.

Practical workshops are also planned, to be held in the run-up to the conference, in the various laboratories on the Toulouse site. These workshops will enable researchers at all stages of their careers to discover new microscopy techniques, applications and methodologies, and to learn more about them.

In order to foster an atmosphere of free and open exchange between participants, a number of convivial moments are planned, including a welcome cocktail, an ‘apéro-poster’, and a gala dinner at the restaurant of our Toulouse chef Michel Sarran, which combines local flavors with a magnificent view of the city of Toulouse.

We look forward to seeing many of you in Toulouse in 2025.

Cécile Formosa-Dague
Toulouse Biotechnology Institute
For the Local Organizing Committee