Christel Genoud

UNIL, Université de Lausanne ; Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel

Angélina d’Orlando

Plateforme Imagerie, Biochimie et Structure – BIBS, Nantes

The objects of study in life sciences are generally very complex so that no single imaging technique can characterise them as a whole. Correlative imaging is then used to combine several imaging modalities in order to gather complementary and multi-scale information on the same sample (structure, function, chemical composition, dynamics…). This symposium is dedicated to recent developments in correlative imaging, a multidisciplinary and ambitious subject. It aims to review recent progress in CLEM, but especially on innovative correlations for which combinatorial developments are still a challenge (AFM, Raman/IR, MRI, MALDI mass spectrometry imaging, nano-SIMS). Thanks to the contributions of pioneers in atypical multi-modal imaging, we will discuss sample preparation, image registration at different spatial resolutions, as well as joint data analysis and the capitalisation of the different information extracted. 

Keywords: Correlative microscopy, combinatorial microscopy, CLEM, multi-modal imaging, mass spectrometry, AFM, Raman, IR.

Invited speakers

Etienne Gontier

Bordeaux Imaging Centre, BIC, Bordeaux

Différentes approches de Microscopie Corrélative

Fabienne Guillon

INRAe UR1268 BIA – Biopolymères Interactions Assemblage, Nantes

Correlative multi and hyperspectral imaging analysis for mapping cell wall composition in plants