This workshop aims to highlight the importance and growth of the field of digital image analysis and artificial intelligence. “Have you noticed those authentication checks revealing that you are not a robot on some web pages? “Click on the crosswalk” or “Choose images with cats”? Whatever the answer, you are feeding a machine learning algorithm. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning have been part of our vocabulary for some time now, but what is it really and how can we include these processes in our image processing pipelines? We propose to explore the state of the art of digital image analysis and AI, both with commercial products and with open source software. First, an overview of general definitions in order to share the same vocabulary will be given, trying to indicate if and when it is relevant to use ML or not. Then, some presentations with bio-imaging studies will confirm the audience in the usefulness of these methods in some cases. Finally, small groups will practice on the computer in order to master at least one machine learning tool at the end of the workshop.

Speakers: Christophe Chamot, Alexis Lebon

Maximum number of participants: 10 personnes


Tuesday 4/07

  • 09h00-12h00