Advanced photonic microscopy techniques in super-resolution STimulated Emission Depletion (STED) and Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) will be presented in the form of a workshop with applications in cell biology. A transversal approach sample-probe-equipment-images will be the main thread of this workshop. Particular attention will be given to the steps of instrument calibration and verification of the parameters allowing the robustness of the data obtained with these cutting-edge equipments. The “tricks” to obtain quality images will be detailed; the link with image analysis will also be a crucial point of this workshop. STED and FLIM techniques can now be combined but under certain conditions that we will highlight together!

SpeakersDamien Schapman et Magalie Bénard

Maximum number of participants: 8 personnes

Venue: PRIMACEN (Mont-Saint-Aignan)


Monday 3/07

  • 14h00-17h00